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  • When clicking on the name of an individual an error message is returned.
    When the message below appears: This means that you have reached the maximum number of consultations on Geneanet, the online genealogy site. You must then identify yourself or register if you have not already done so. This does not in any way oblige you to deposit your own genealogy there. If this poses a problem for you, you can contact the site administrator to find a solution (response time not guaranteed). If you are registered and the site returns an error message, use the Contact form to notify the administrator by indicating the URL of the page and the name of the person on whom the error occurs (better the sentence where the error is located) to fix the bug.
  • Layout varies from time to time
    This can happen, depending on the screen and type of browser you are viewing this site from. Often a simple refresh of the page from the page address (URL) will be enough to restore everything.
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